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5 Terrific Tips To Do My Physiology Exam Dates: Feb 01 – Mar 07, 2019 Exam Dates: May 07 – Aug 28, 2019 Full Time Hours : January-Apr 08, 2020 Full Time Hours : June-Sep 08, 2018 Full Time Hours : Oct 12 – Nov 02, 2018 Performing Physiology Exam Dates: Dec 01 – Jan 11, 2018 Exam Dates: Feb 01 – Mar 07, 2019 Course: Applied Physiology: Level 2 (Advanced) This semester, five Psychology Masters courses are available in the CSM as an undergraduate degree of study. In both classes you will enjoy the opportunity to gather for exams with various topics including communication theory, information technology, programming, economics, and application philosophy. You will also learn areas of design, layout, computer science, and programming computer science. Course materials and transcripts for each course may be found online at CSM.net.

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Completion of the classes results in an annual fee. Students receive a full credit/affirmative action certificate that may be substituted for qualifying courses at any CSM accredited institution. Enrollment in the University of Michigan is open to applicants of all levels (MS, PhD, and BM). No applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and applications must be made online at www.csm.

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org. Eligible students can also receive a credit through a tax-deductible credit stand or through our Class in Statistics. For those looking for a unique opportunity to learn more about the psychology of psychology at the UW, or to view the history of the University, visit the homepage of CSM, the CSM app, or contact Ed, Nancy and Karen at [email protected]. We value your feedback, are interested in hearing your views, and are open for comment to further topics and research opportunities.

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